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China’s equivalent to an app or website but built directly in the WeChat ecosystem, your own app built in the WeChat app. 1 billion Chinese spend 90 minutes a day in WeChat which is why it’s far more effective to attract and engage your Chinese audience in a WeChat mini program than your website.

Customisable Module

Our customisable templated platform includes many features not included in much more expensive mini programs.

Advanced UI Design

Our design includes advanced marketing tools such as voucher/coupons, loyalty and can even be integrated into your ERP inventory management system.

Marketing Tools

All common Chinese marketing tools are available to ensure maximum engagement including Groupon, reverse auction and limited volume or time frame at a limited price functionality.


Reverse Auction Sale

Limited Sale

Powerful system to maximise your profits

Customisable Front Page

No coding required. Design beautiful pages using drag and drop.

Inventory Management System

Improve efficiency and visibility of stock through automated inventory management.

Order Management System

Ship products faster. Check order status as they come in. Enable Click & Collect for your physical outlets.

Marketing Tools

Groupon, Reverse Auction Sale and Limited Sale tools are natively built-into this WeChat mini program which drive more sales.

Loyalty Program

Extend your current loyalty programs into WeChat or customise them.

Coupon System

Coupons convert more customers and increase your revenue. These are quick to set up and easy to redeem.

Comprehensive Portal

Track your performance. Manage inventory, sales and customer database with ease.

One Click Registration

No app download required. No manual registration needed. Just One Click on WeChat.

Poster Generator

Encourage your customers to use the virality of WeChat by making it easy for them to share your products to their friends.

Customer Service System

Reply your customer's enquiry instantly on WeChat.

Staff Management System

Create user accounts and define permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Customise to align with your store processes, and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Reseller System

Every customer can become your reseller by simply sharing your product. Our system takes care of this for you.

WeChat Pay

Authorised WeChat Pay built-in. Seamless checkout experience in WeChat Mini Program. Settled in T+2 (two working days).


Your data security is our top priority. We keep our software and network safe and secure against unauthorised access.

ERP Integration

Have your inventory management system integrated with your mini program. Allowing you to control both your website and mini program from your already familiar platform

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