WeChat Social Marketing

The art of attracting followers to your WeChat account, getting them actively engaged and eventually converting them to customers through the use of Ads, games and O2O campaigns.

WeChat Pages

This is a H5 webpage specifically designed to sit inside WeChat. It’s created in a way that appeals to what Chinese expect to see both in terms of layout and content and will often link back to your shopping cart on your Ecommerce website.

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WeChat Official Account Posts

Up to four posts a month are created and sent out from your WeChat Official Account designed to appeal to potential Chinese followers, Introducing them to your brand and products.

Interactive WeChat Games

Interactive games are a great way to drive brand engagement and lead to gathering customer information for re-marketing purposes

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Play Video

Survey on WeChat

WeChat Interactive surveys are a great way to kick off an Online to Offline campaign. Gather customer data and reward this with a gift redeemed via a vending machine and a retail outlet.

WeChat Advertisement

WeChat Advertisement help attract and engage followers. These can be pushed to potential customers' gender and locals or tourists with a form or a buy now button.

megatel wechat ad 2nd
irelax wechat ad

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