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The Payment Solution for Education

This solution is designed to make it easy for the education sector to offer China’s most popular payment methods, Alipay and WeChat Pay. Equally removing the friction from the fee paying process for students, parents or family members in China paying the school fees or tuition fees. Payments can be processed at your premise in person using an existing EFTPOS terminal and by adding a link to our payment platform in your invoice. Mandatory reference fields ensure payments are easily reconciled.

支付宝-微信支付-人民币付学费-alipay and wechat pay payment page for schools

Customised Payment Page​ for Schools

Your payment page is accessed via either an URL link or a QR code. It is customised with your branding and reference criteria along with a payment QR code for sharing to family members back in China. All translated and bilingual. Here is the example: https://pay.payplusinc.com/demo

Reconcilation on Alipay and WeChat Pay

Easy to view and export key transaction information for reconciliation purposes. Mandatory reference fields can be set up to capture key identification information use such as student ID, invoice number, student name, even multiple references.

reconciliation on alipay and wechat pay

Refund on Alipay and WeChat Pay

Refunds on Alipay and WeChat Pay are actually reversals or partial reversals of the original transaction. Lookup functions make it easy to identify the original transactions to refund. A six digit refund code is issued to ensure only authorised person can use this function. Refund exchange rates are set at the rate of the original transaction so there is no foreign exchange liability.

refund on alipay and wechat pay

What we charge and how we settle

Our fees are typically the same or similar to existing credit card fees, therefore not adding any additional fees and at the same time reducing costs and complications on the students or parents side. No setup or monthly fees. Settlements are T+2, two business days from the date of processing.

Online Payment Page

Alipay and WeChat Pay
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  • We match your credit card rate
  • Tailored online payment gateway for free
  • No setup fee
  • Settle funds in two business days

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